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The Benefits Of Using Commute Calendar™

Everyone knows that alternative transportation such as riding a bicycle, taking the bus, carpooling, walking, and telecommuting (working from home) makes sense for lots and lots of health and financial reasons. Here a few good ones!

Why Alternative Transportation Makes Sense

  • No stress, no stress. Alternative transportation lowers stress, resulting healthier and happier people. A bit of excercise and less driving is a double combination for lowering your stress level.
  • Get where you need to go. Alternative transportation provides alternative methods of commuting around town. This can be particularly handy if the family sedan breaks down!
  • Get healthy. Many kinds of alternative transportation involve an increase in physical activity, which has an almost endless list of health benefits.
  • Lower those bills. Healthier people and less driving equals lower medical and auto insurance costs for everyone.
  • Fatten your wallet. People save money when they use alternative transportation. This in turn saves companies and communities money in many ways.
  • Hello out there! It's a way to build stronger communities. Friends are made and communities are more healthy and wholesome when people take the bus, carpool, walk, and bicycle. Go say "hi" to your community!
  • No more parking pains. Say good-bye to crowded parking lots and parking fees.
  • It's easy being green. Alternative transportation directly translates into a lower carbon footprint.
  • Traffic efficiency. Lowering the number of motor vehicles on the road makes life a lot easier for those who really need to drive a vehicle.

Commute Calendar™ Makes Alternative Transportation Even Better!

Cities, companies, schools, employees, students, and citizens all want to reap the benefits of alternative tranportation. But what is a good way to inform the masses about it and get people involved? What is an effective reminder of the abundant benefits, along with maybe a little contest and extra incentive, for participating in alternative transportation? And what is an accurate method for cities and companies to view alterative transportation metrics and track those metrics over time.

Commute Calendar does all this and more in a convenient, easy-to-use online format. Just sign up your city or company, send a link to your citizens or employees, and Commute Calendar does the rest!

Check out the How Does It Work? page to find out how Commute Calendar does this!